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17th October 2014

You are living in extraordinary times with extreme conditions and exceptional situations occurring here and there and everywhere. Unprecedented and unpredictable. The world you could say has changed and is continuing to change every day. Enormous changes are everywhere with many more on the way. 

The world it would seem has changed its own vibrational state and is undergoing a shift from fixed and rigid and known, to a volatile, flexible and new paradigm state. As all alchemists know and will tell you so, the volatile state has to occur for true change to come about for out of chaos can come a new order. A Bright and Brave New World.

Keep focusing forward as a collective of powerful individuals on the most positive and powerful TRUE END RESULT
for the transformation and evolution of the planet and all mankind. The animal kingdom, vegetable and mineral worlds too will all be adjusting accordingly to the huge vibrational shift and will be in flux right now as much as everything else on Earth. 

Tis time indeed to hold the vision of a New Heaven on Earth with greater PEACE and Harmony and Tranquility for one and all. Focus upon this with all your hearts, create it as you know like you know like you can! You are far more powerful as creators than you have thus far understood. The future of the world is in your hands so play your part
as the Magicians you have come to be. 

Fix the volatile into the new form, help the New world to be BORN. You have not studied and lived the lives you have, not to understand that everything does indeed work to a divine higher plan. You are here on Earth right now by design and not as a random act. You are here to make a difference and to help as best you can.
Choose the end result of uniting humanity through great LOVE sent from Heaven above ~

Instead of focusing on all the doom and gloom chaos and confusion of the current reality.
Do your part to project from an innocent Heart all the beauty and PEACE and Harmony that you wish to see.
Be the mighty magical magician you truly came to be. Create not just for yourself but for the benefit of everyone and everything else. Help create the home planet as a glorious land of plenty ~

Encourage others too to do as you do, visualise then realise your own input is of vital importance.
Operate from a place of complete oneness with your full power and potential intact! This is the place to act from
for it will give you guidance and direction from source. See all others as the greatest they can be and encourage them to be the greatest version of themselves, the one they truly came to be. Help humanity to help itself
and to see that our beautiful home planet Earth is our greatest wealth and nothing else! 

17th 10.14

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