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17th September 2017

And so it is ~ The time has come to get up and RUN towards your future. The past is over and done, here comes the SUN. The mighty SHIFT that is happening is changing the very patterning of ALL that you know, of ALL that has been, into a New configuration. 'Tis an incredible time of Newness, of Opportunities and Creation, of Magic and Manifestation, of Rebirth and Rejuvenation ~  

'Tis veritably time for the NEW YOU ~ The Kaleidoscope of time and space, dimensions and reality, has taken a turn and this NEW pattern you will come to learn IS what your Hearts and Souls have been yearning for. This is the lighter, brighter, more expansive and fulfilling, joyful, happy and thrilling time of your lives. You are all entering the next exciting phase in the Evolution of YOU, allow the old to drop away for its day and time are done. Be like a mighty Phoenix and RISE like the SUN ☀️ 
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