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18th december 2014

At the heart of all matters you are the star. You are the centre around which your whole Universe unfolds, interacts and aligns or collides! You are the generator of the actions and reactions in and around you. You are the creator of your own cosmic solar system. You are responsible for who, what and why people come in to your life. You are responsible for anyone and anything that you encounter on some level.

It may not be on a conscious level where you can understand or appreciate the presence or occurrence of someone or something but it is drawn to you, reacts to you, collides with you, resides within you even, as a response to some silent call within yourself. To gain a better understanding of your role as the Master Creator of your life will serve you all most wisely, for then you can begin to create from the Heart and with intent.

Seek out others who can help you find your way to a better understanding of the power that lies within each and everyone of you. You can all be the greatest Masters of your own Destiny if you learn how to hone your skills and manifest all that your heart desires in your world. You can not change humanity that is understood but by each being the greatest you can be collectively you could! Appreciate the gift of conscious living ~

Wake up to the idea and possibility that your life has a greater purpose than just to be doing your day to day living. You can ALL fulfil a much greater higher role as teachers and guides, friends and leaders by setting a great example that others will be truly inspired to follow. Be the greatest you. Be the happiest, healthiest, kindest, Brightest, most generous and Loving YOU. Be the incandescent STAR you know you are ✨

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