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18th October 2014

If you are always to be fearful of the judgment of others then how can you ever fully dare to be yourself?
This should be a journey from source to self and self to source with no one else involved in your discourse. Let the opinions of others be just that, be they friends or lovers, sisters or brothers, mentors or tutors.Tis up to you to analyse and realise that they all do have opinions as all individuals should. Some of them will definitely be of benefit to you and their feedback and suggestions can be good, healthy and constructive. Even constructive criticism can come to play its part as a vital tool to help you form and master your craft, but do not at anytime take it all too personally and let it hurt your heart. 

Your journey is your very own and no one else has ever been or will ever be exactly the same again. Celebrate your uniqueness, stand up for yourself within yourself always. Dare to be you, develop a thicker skin to shield off harmful judgement from your kin and believe in yourself beyond anyone else! Only you have come to be you, no one else can truly begin to imagine what that journey will be. They may have strong opinions, have studied others behaviour, traits and ways but that is still not to say that they can predict or understand you better than you can at the end of any day! Be true to you, dare to BE, free yourself from all judgement save that of law and order, be a good person but be your own version not some carbon copy of another.
Be unpredictable and walk to the rhythm of your own tune, sing your own song, dance your own dance, write and paint your uniqueness for no one else can see life through your eyes. No one else can feel what your heart feels, express yourself in your own way. Live your life confidently as YOU everyday and in every way. Listen to that which serves you and let all else slide away. Keep on believing in yourself and live fully every day. 
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