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18th October 2015

Fluidity and consistency result in the perpetual motion of flow, free forming and transforming everything you know ~
To be fixed and rigid builds blocks in your own way, which slow you down and hinder your progress rather than helping you along at the end of the day. The greatest thing to be for simplicity ease and speed is to be as flexible as you can be in mind, body, spirit and personality! 

Your emotions are ideas and notions, energy in form and movement. Allow them to serve you well and not to cause disruptions to your natural rhythm and flow ~ see all problems as small, all challenges as opportunities to move up, down, round, over or under, mere obstacles to be manoeuvred around with ease and fluidity. 

Do not get stuck too long contemplating your route of constant movement. Stay in the flow of Life, stay progressing forward do not get sidetracked or sidelined into a stagnant pool or muddy ditch. Go with the flow life is showing you. Keep going constantly moving beyond your comfort zone, perpetually seeking new experiences and expressions of the beauty and glory of Life. Let love flow freely and joy to flow in its wake. ~

There are times when you do not know where to go or how or what, where or when to proceed but TRUST go deep into your heart, drop down from your head and feel your way instead. Learn to think with your heart and feel with your mind and you will always find the right way to go. Let go of the how, let go of the constant need to know, get into the flow of TRUST and see how swiftly your life moves forward beyond the limitations of your mind. 
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