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18th September 2015

To be seen from afar a twinkling star needs to be as bright as bright can be. Do whatever you can to help your fellow man by allowing your brilliance to be seen. Do not be caught playing small at all for how far then do you think your light will shine? When what is needed most is extra Love and guidance and compassion at this time.

Inspire all others to turn up their own flames to Dare to be the brightest they can be. Lead by example and radiate your incandescence as far as the heart can see. Allow your presence to be felt allow your wisdom to be heard and known by many many more than those in your comfort zone. Step beyond the confines of your known world with courage and passion.

Be the ignition of a chain reaction that will bring great change to one and all. This is the global call to all those who can stand up and be counted upon to add their positive energy and light to dispel the darkness of the night and ensure humanity is bathed in the glorious golden light of a new dawn, out of which a magnificent new world can be born. Now is the time to be bold. Now is the time for your story to be told ~
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