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19th August 2015

As above is SO below, far more than you can all possibly know! Pay greater attention to all that is happening high in the heavens for it WILL be done on Earth as it IS in Heaven ~ Cosmic activity will become your earthly reality for the laws of cause and effect rule with consistency and certainty.

Look to the skies with hopeful eyes and open minds, loving hearts and great expectation. Huge changes are on their way as I have been telling you for many a day, week, month and year my dear. These new beginnings have been prophesied by ancient civilisations, scientists and psychics in many nations. It's nothing new but it has thus far been kept from you all as fear may grow and civil unrest be created as these changes come to pass.

Some seismic activity will most definitely be the result of the vast amount of electromagnetic activity from the sun. It always does upon reflection, for your planet and emotions are all greatly affected by the influx of mighty waves of energy, all be it invisible and indiscernible to the naked eye. It hits the planet and the hearts and minds of you all and reverberates unto your core.

Thus it will effect you one and all, man, woman or child, animal, vegetable or mineral everything in existence will have no resistance to the mighty influx of positive energy on its way. It will open the hearts and minds of people in all places. In all echelons of society, in all circumstances and situations. All people of all nations. These changes coming are going to be very good for you one and all.

It is the shift in consciousness and vibration that the planet and humanity have been waiting for. Then with open hearts and open minds people can stand as one united population of human kind upon the one home planet, and all work together to maintain its health and survival as you will all finally understand that everything is intrinsically linked and that you and the land are ONE Lovingly bathed in Golden light from the mighty source, THE SUN ~
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