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19th December 2015

When you gather you multiply, when you multiply you amplify, and when you come together in Love you exemplify the power of unification for the one United heart can light up the world. Connect to the oneness of nature, to the beauty and PEACE that abound in the natural world. Delight in the miracle of life. Of the variety and diversity of all that that can be.

From a tiny delicate little seahorse to a mighty Redwood Tree. From all the species of fauna and flora that live on the land to the incredible intricacy of the creatures that live in the seas. The range and variety of colour, pattern and form, all result from the Divine source from which everything is born. The infinite possibilities that abound can produce incredible, exceptional manifestations beyond your wildest imaginations. 

Take your lead from the plethora of delights to be found in the natural world around, and project your wildest dreams and greatest visions forward onto the canvas of your life. Bring it forth from the realm of possibilities by giving it birth in your mind, see it, feel it, live it, touch it, breath it, and it will come true. Believe in magic and it will happen. Thy will be done ~
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