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19th January 2013

You have been to far off places and filled your hearts and minds, May the LOVE and inspiration you found there be something great you can now share~ Radiate this positive vibration that you absorbed in the Indian Nation.


The beating of the drums and the stomping of the feet of all the New Year Dancers,

The sights the sounds the colours the rhythm and the song, the united voice in tune with the pulse of life, the mesmerizing flow blue sky, white snow, clean clear air, PEACE everywhere.


What better way to start the New Year, what better way to start the New Future! Nothing is the same . Nothing will remain.

You are right to make plans to make big changes for it is right to do so, SO . . . . . . Think Big ,Big , Bigger and dare to Dream ~


The Universe will conspire to fulfill your wildest dreams so expand your aims and ambitions and watch them ALL come to fruition! ~

Now more than ever before you can have it all, allow yourself permission to shine your full brightness,

to reach your full potential and you will be surprised and delighted just how bathed in golden light your lives can truly BE!


BE yourself and encourage all those around you to be the greatest they can be too BE inspired and inspirational more so than ever before,

you have been refilled so that you can be the mighty beacon of HOPE you came to be~



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