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19th January 2017

Your current reality will soon be changed beyond belief and this will be a truly great relief. For all that you have been through and had to release has allowed your capacity for COMPASSION and GRATITUDE to increase. With a hop, skip and a jump you will be out of this slump and flying towards your future. For up ahead lay wondrous things and happy, happy times filled with great ABUNDANCE and JOY instead. 

'Tis time to SHINE and to enjoy and embrace the flip side of the coin of good fortune and of fate. 'Tis the time for YOU to truly come into play, to seize the day, and actively form your future. For in doing so you will allow the good times to flow, not only for yourselves but for everyone else also.  

Go Go Go for GOLD and let your greatest story yet be told. You are the master storyteller of your life, the author of your future, the teacher and the tutor to help lead and inspire by the experiences you have encountered and the wisdom you have acquired. You have done what was required for this to truly become your finest hour.~

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