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19th July 2014

Where once I would bade you to concentrate on your actual daily lives with your everyday responsibilities as mothers, workers and wives, now I declare from the highest high it is time for you to open your gilded wings and fly~
Fly ~ Fly ~ Fly to places beyond the sky, you know you can even without having to try ~

Call upon all that you know deep within your own being to set your sail and head out to the open sea. Your future is as a broad broad horizon so set your eyes upon it as a goal and head onward ever onwards with confidence and grace, with a smile upon your face, enjoy everyday for tis a part of the journey of your soul.

Fear not that you do not know right now quite how to proceed, where to aim your vessel to, how to cross the open waters or how to reach the golden sunset resting upon the far horizon. Just set sail with a happy happy heart, make a start and allow the tides and currents to send you in the right direction. TRUST that you are meant to go 
wherever the Universal wind does blow~ 

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