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19th July 2015

You are right to let your imagination run free to see what could possibly BE ~
Do not stop your chain of thought or conform to what you have been taught is the right way or time frame for anything to be done for that limiting old way of thinking has no idea of what is set to come ~

VISIONARY THINGS are about to materialise out of clear blue skies right before your very eyes!
There is pure magic at play and so who can say what or when or how these magnificent happenings will occur. Who can possibly know how or when they will come to pass for they are not given to the usual run of the mill restrictions and conditions for they are from beyond the beyond and are a law unto themselves.

TRUST that your ideas are guided and supported. Believe in yourselves and your own abilities to make changes and adapt to variations in your current reality. Be the creators you know yourselves to be. Actively form your futures instead of passively passing your present. Live with a vested interest in the future of your selves and the whole world not just as a victim of your fate and your egos limited comfort zone ~

DARE to think BIG, BIG, BIGGER and dare to go there! Pursue a thing until it's end my friend and the whole world will benefit from your bigger picture. Delicately raise the sinking Heart of humanity. Give HOPE to as many people as possible for there is a lot of dark depression and despair everywhere. People have become SO disconnected from source from any sense of what is right and good for them or their environment by having to focus SO strongly on the art of survival.

They have thus far been sadly misled, been over fed poor foods with damaging effects that cut them off from any natural sense of knowing. They continue to exist, to function as it were at the lowest of lows. They have no aims or objectives other than instant gratification, intoxication, obliteration, people are often trapped in their own isolation and know not how to return to a sense of belonging. 

Helping to raise the vibrations of individual souls helps them to become more centred in their own hearts which is a brilliant place to start, but to raise vibrations across the nations is an even greater aim to achieve. Think of the relief you can give by setting more individuals on the right path to connecting with their own hearts as well as to the hearts and minds of their fellow beings, as well as to the soul of the earth and the source in the sky. Lift their spirits high, high, high! 

Tis indeed time to step up the game for the next level is ready to begin. SPEAK your truth, BE your truth, and thy will BE DONE for the time is right right now for Heavenly Healing to come to Earth. Tis time indeed to give Equilarium it's birth, share your vision for it will find its mark. People will be ready and waiting to help with its creation for tis a Universal request that it be built by every nation.
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