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19th September 2014

Sometimes the pace of life is gentle and in the natural rhythm of things.
Other times too the pace does quicken and you become stricken by all manner of man made things.
Relax and let go of all the things you do not know for there are too many to be counted. Be content right now to be you and remember all the wonderful things that you can do and the uniqueness of what things you know.

Different horses for different courses is a wonderful expression but there again there are times when what is needed
is not a horse at all but 'tis a Unicorn, who can run the course much like any horse but can bring magic and mystical wonder to the everyday race. You are not meant to be an ordinary horse for you have come to run an extraordinary course. Be confident that you can do what you are meant to do with the added ability to fly
if you try!

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