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1st January 2015

May the bells ring out for the future is here today. The New Year has begun and great things are on their way. People will all be able to breath a sigh of relief for the page has been turned and a New Chapter and Verse have got underway. The story of your lives will take surprising twists and turns that will entertain, extend and delight you! 

You will not have been able to fore see what these adventures and new encounters will be, for where would be the surprise, the genuine wonder and awe if you knew the whole story before you turned each page! To keep your interest and your attention you need to have mystery and suspense, particularly with the story of your life. If you know it all and are bored and unimpressed by the content you may not properly enjoy the tale. 

You may not value the lessons learned and the insights gleaned. You may be dismissive and disconnected with a general sense of disinterest in the simple beauty and adventure of LIFE itself. Be prepared to be very pleasantly surprised as your life is transformed before your own eyes. This is a very different chapter from all those that have gone before, you will definitely be surprised and delighted by what the Universe has in store.

Clear the way in your head, clear your cluttered calendar, clear your preconceived ideas of what each day can bring. Approach even old routine with a New and Open mind, for nothing will remain the same. Change is everywhere and it starts and ends within you! Fresh new Hopes and Dreams with a Fresh outlook and approach to everything and everyone that has gone before. Open up the New Door to your known world and be prepared to see it all in a New Golden Light.

See yourself with New deeply Loving Eyes. Be your own best friend and number one fan. Support yourself 100% and see what an incredible difference this will make if you can. Love yourself from within then you can beam it out to everyone and everything around you.Your world will instantly change as a result for the false limitations you place upon yourselves by harsh judgement and unforgiving minds, limits you all beyond belief and beyond the blame you can put upon any other being. 

Make a New Years resolution to believe in yourself and your own abilities and capabilities. Believe in your own sense of belonging and inclusion. See yourself as a much loved and very loving soul who is in tune with all others, souls sisters and soul brothers. As the United collective of Open Loving Hearts you can truly start a New Year and a New Future. Reconnect to one and all, and see your life bathed in GOLDEN light and that is what it shall be. May Day one of your New Year be the start of a New You, Happy and filled with Hope and Love ~

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