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1st April 2016

The key to life is understanding the necessity for Joie de Vie ~ You have to feel the passion, the pulse of creation coursing through the world, through the universe and through your veins. Arouse and awaken this connection to the vitality and JOY, exuberation and delight of excitement and anticipation. Be ever hopeful for MIRACULOUS  things are on their way! New life is bursting forth and coming into view after months and months of inertia and absence from your world.

'Tis a time of great change where you can see and experience great growth and progress once again. Movements in the skies become reflected in your lives, with the passing of the equinox a different angle and light are bestowed upon you all. Newness is all around, warmth is present again, and HOPE is restored and can be returned to you all. Blue skies and birdsong, Spring flowers and longer daylight hours, all play their part in lifting your spirits and filling your hearts with love and positivity. Celebrate the little things, the smallest joys that life can bring and be GRATEFUL for it ALL.
Life is for living ~ spread the JOY~ SHARE THE LOVE ~
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