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1st August 2014

Love of Life and peace of mind can neither be observed 
but for Peace and Harmony they are the most important things in the world ~
This you have been told and tried to understand but now more than ever tis time to be more clever
than just TRYING to do that which you must appreciate you all really HAVE to do!
Embrace with every atom of your being the very GIFT of LIFE and the power of a PEACEFUL mind.

Meditate to elevate all anger stress and fear. Reconnect to all that is good at your core.
Be reassured by the LOVE that is in your heart and allow it to colour the thoughts in your mind.
Breath in Peace and release all else. Hurt and pain and grief, injustice and frustration can thus be replaced
with a glorious great RELEIF. You will all enjoy your lives much much more if you focus on all the good in your world
and in the people you meet, greet everyone with an Open heart as a basis to start from.

Keep an Open mind too so that compassion has a place to step into when it can replace judgement and rage.
You will all then be able to forgive yourselves for your own short comings as well as those of your friends and neighbours. Pray for help with releasing all that no longer serves you to be holding. Fixed opinions, past judgements, misguided actions or deeds, guilty secrets and personal blame, shame and self loathing.
Fear and doubt disbelief and despair, RELEASE it all out, out, out into thin air. The space you will then find within
can begin to be filled with more positive life enhancing and advancing thoughts and beliefs ~
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