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1s August 2015

Good fortune will materialise out of clear blue skies ~Tis the time for abstinence and clemency. For changing your ways and paving the way towards a brighter future. Decree a thing and it shall be done, speak your truth not with a fork tongue. Be it, and mean it, through and through support yourself in becoming the greatest you ~

The times they are demanding that you fully start commanding all the power and wisdom within your soul, to help achieve your aims, objectives and goals. Engage your own mighty WILL. Do not let peoples influences pull or push you aside. Stay strongly focussed on your greatest highest good and make all the choices and decisions you know, like you know, like you should.

Choose the healthiest options of all the options that abound. Choose longevity over self indulgence every time! Do not keep feeding the demands of your body or your mind, make your choices from your Heart. Ask your heart what is the right thing to do, to choose to eat, to drink, to thrive not only to survive in the most perfunctory of ways. Exercise and realise that your healthy body feeds your healthy mind, which in kind feeds your healthy spirit making you a well and truly Happy and Healthy soul. 

You are here to do great things so remember you have mighty wings that can and will help you to achieve all that you have come to do, but Tis up to you to choose healthy choices as freedom of WILL to exercise your own powers in what ever ways you decide is where the real crux of the matter resides. Choose to be successful as a Healthy empowered individual. As one of a group who celebrate the joie de vie, of having a body and mind of their own on this amazing planet you call home.

Appreciate the gift of conscious living every minute of every day. Stay GOLDEN in every way. Eat, sleep, drink in the glory of life and encourage All others to do the same. Lead by example. Make healthy choices, with clear and confident voices to inspire all others to do the same. When your mind body and spirit are all working as a whole tis far easier to be happy and to achieve any goal.

Do not let any part of you be pulling in the wrong direction, have a united positive energy and intention to be the greatest you can be. Support yourself in every way. Believe in your own power and strength to achieve and receive all the wonders of the Universe. Open your Hearts and Hands for there are mighty gifts of abundance on their way. Be grateful and lovingly, joyfully, seize the day ~ 
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