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1st December 2014

Once upon a time, once in a winters rhyme, all was happy and good all was as it should be. These days everything is a changing, the Universe is rearranging all that we thought we knew and is replacing it with the brand New ~

As the known world drops away "seize the day" and actively form your future day by day. Keep your focus strong on all that you would love your life to be. Do not dwell on or get down hearted by things that are seemingly wrong. Shift your attention believe in the 5th Dimension and welcome all the Love and support from above as it appears in your life.

Tis the season to be creative to make wishes to Santa, to the Universe, to your higher self, to your Angels, to whomever you know and TRUST to deliver your dreams, to answer your prayers and to assist you in manifesting your dreams into reality.
Make them tangible, make them real, keep on believing and start receiving ALL that your heart desires ✨ 

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