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1st February 2017

Do not panic so and spiral down when all around things are falling apart and crashing down. Things are indeed changing minute by minute at an alarming rate and they may well not appear to be doing so for the good, but TRUST IS A MUST! Your life will be bathed in GOLDEN LIGHT and that must be understood! Your heart is breaking and aching with ALL the Love and goodness that you have and hold as your greatest vision of HOPE for all the world, and all those whom you know and meet ~

FEAR is something that you can transcend and help yourself mend from by using its presence as the very essence that will set you FREE. Fear Everything And Run! or FACE EVERYTHING AND RISE !!!! When FEAR is present in your life choose wisely what to do with its presence and how you will most benefit from how you respond to it! NOW it would appear, would be a very good time to believe in yourself more than ever and RISE for 'tis the clever thing to do! YOU are an incredible, magnificent, uniquely DIVINE being. See yourself as the ALL powerful and empowered version that you are at your core, and not only RISE but SOAR to stratospheric heights and SHINE like the STAR YOU ARE ✨✨✨  

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