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1st February 2018

Under the light of a super bright Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse, NEW BEGINNINGS are heralded from on high. Release ✨Release✨Release ✨ALL that is no longer serving you, lighten UP and TRUST that everything will be alright and allow your greatest HOPES and DREAMS to take flight ~

‘Tis a time of mighty forward contemplation of what it is you have truly come here to do, not just for you but for future generations! NOW is the time to align with your Higher Purpose.
Think BIG ✨BIG ✨BIGGER ✨and DARE to achieve the goal your soul has been yearning to acknowledge. There truly is MAGIC in the air and MIRACLES abound. The Universe is conspiring to assist you in every way it can, it is all part of the DIVINE master plan ✨✨
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