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1st January 2014

‘ Tis verily a time for New beginnings. A time for great change and reinvention. For dropping away of old outmoded structures and formulas, modes of behavior and limiting beliefs. Now the stars are all aligned in your favor to support the vastness of your dreams, the scale of your ideas and the full breadth of your imagination and creativity.

Go forth from this day onwards with great courage and confidence to create the world you would most love to be a part of. Take up your role in achieving this goal by setting yourself an achievable plan to follow.

One step at a time will get you there in the end, but a map clearly marked with actions to be followed and taken to lead you to your true end destination can easily be skipped across and progressed at a greater pace than imagined with due guidance and divine intervention.

Set your game plan out and let magic be at play!

Things you may imagine to take a lifetime can be achieved sometimes in a day!

Focus ever onwards with love and strong belief and set out to play the game of life rolling the dice of good fortune and TRUST.

' Tis truly time to be creative and to let your imagination become a celebration of life and of all the beauty that it is. Write, sing, dance, play, paint and draw. Walk, swim, climb, run, sleep ~D.R.E.A.M~

Allow your own higher self to guide you. Let your false limitations 
be a thing of the past and the realm of ALL possibilities become your new horizon. Step into this new landscape and this New Year with wonder and awe for there are incredible adventures and delights in store.

Be a brave pioneer and forge your way forward with a lion heart and an innocent mind. Behold all the magical encounters and beautiful views along the way. For this New Year's Day is the starting point of an incredible journey that is just getting under way ~

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