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1st March 2015

Life it would seem is on fast forward but moving in fits and starts. Stopping and blocking then clearing and searing into the giddy heights of heavenly flight. Stay grounded and firmly in control of your emotions for the road ahead may be bumpy but it is also going to be so so exciting and adrenalin filled, you will need to keep your attention focused forwards so as not to miss a thing!

Be prepared for the time of your life! Whizzing towards the bright future you have always known to be up ahead. The times may not always be bright and most favourable right where and when you are, but TRUST is the anchor upon which you must pin your Hopes and Dreams for ALL will be well, far better than you can tell right here and right now. TRUST is a must that will carry you through what seems to be a difficult time or situation.

Things will improve if you keep on moving in your head. Do not get stuck and fall down the gap that has opened up through fear. Panic will push you into the crevice from which it is hard to escape. Leap over the cracks, fly confidently in your Heart over all the tricky terrain until it is safe to put down your feet again. The journey is exciting for it is across unknown terrain, do not stop or become fearful of moving forward for the glorious future that awaits you one and all IS just around he corner.

 Out of sight from where you are now maybe, but any minute you will be able to see the beautiful view of the future outstretched before you. Tis this last bit of the twisting turning road as you approach the summit that is the most perilous and frightening. Be BRAVE enjoy the adventure for it will be SO worth the effort when you see what soon will be ~
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