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1st May 2015

May the seeds of the STARS of who you truly are flourish and grow within the Hearts and Minds of you all.
Appreciate the time it has taken for their germination and do not expect too much of their tiny shoots. Allow the roots to be nourished and grow within all that you know with Love and Light and patient understanding. Then with the natural passage of time they can emerge from this fertile soil as the seasons of your life move along, ever onwards encouraging New Life and Re Birth of the you you know yourself to be, into the full glory and potential of who you are destined to yet become. 

The whole magnificent process has well and truly begun and now with the warmth of the Springtime sun and the Love and attention you give to your delicate newly emerging shoots, the roots will grow deeper and cover more ground drawing upon all the beautiful Mother Earth Energy and the support you have around. Thus daily your inner flower may be gaining in power, so that when it's time is come it will be able to reach up into the infinite blue and stand boldly in the full light of the Sun. 

Radiating Beauty and wonder and awe, may your inner lights SHINE SO brightly that ALL the world does see. That they are inspired to do the same and nurture the seeds within themselves to create a world that is a veritable Garden of Eden, a myriad of colour and beauty. A truly mixed variety of individual Organic plants and blooms growing and glowing in perfect harmony. Cover the world with living colour, BE the seeds of change ~ BE the ones you know you can be. Allow yourselves the time and space to grow consistently into the PRIZE WINNING BLOOMS of the future.

Be the guides and the tutors to inspire and encourage all others to be the gardeners of their own Souls. Weed out all fear, disbelief and doubt, All judgement and negative thoughts about yourself and others. Support yourself and everyone else to become the most amazing sweetly scented incredible incandescent STAR FLOWERS you can.
Be patient with the whole organic process but TRUST you are growing daily without even knowing, and one day soon
you will burst out into the world in FULL GLORIOUS BLOOM ~ 
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