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1st May 2016

T'is time to realise your own true worth, to fully appreciate the value of your presence here on Earth.
You have come to do great things and NOW is the time when the right opportunities will arise and the right circumstances and situations will occur for you to SHINE your uniqueness and to share your LOVE of LIFE with the world. The people are ready so players to your places, for the greatest performance of your lives is about to begin, and your curtain to rise ~ Show the world your greatest gifts and ideas without limitations or fears just SHINE like the sun. 

For the vital warmth in your eyes, the love in your heart, and the help and guidance in your words is a gift to all mankind. Share your wisdom, share your grace, share ALL that will put a smile on another's face. BE the greatest you can be, give comfort where it is needed and inspiration where you can. Lead by positive example and make every second count of your precious time here on earth. Your life is the greatest thing of worth any if you possess, so enjoy your life more fully and worry far less. Each and every one of you has an important role to play. Tis time to stand up and be counted for the FUTURE meets the PRESENT TODAY and a whole new reality can get underway in the merry month of May ~
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