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1st November 2015

Celebrations across the nations for the death of the old makes way for the birth of the NEW.
The old had its time and place with fond memories and a familiar face, but it's time to replace its presence in your present. For however pleasant it has been or long lasting it seemed the NEW is here to write a story of its own to take you on an exciting adventure into the unknown continuing the journey home. 

Many paths to one truth and many different parts to the long journey home. Beautiful scenery and landscapes, cityscapes, highs and lows, mountains and Seas with valleys of green and fields of gold. Rivers deep and trickling streams, good friends and family, trusty soul companions who lighten the way with their love and laughter and joy. There are times when you may be walking alone but fear not you will never be lost for you are always on the path that leads you home.

Follow your heart for it always knows where it is going. Enjoy the wide variety of sights and sounds and experiences that you encounter as your life unfolds. Now is the start point of the next phase of your journey, it will be different from what has gone before, it will be filled with wonder and awe. This is going to be an incredible point as it is the start of your New Future.'Tis connected by Love to your past but it is Open and Free, filled with Great Hope and Possibility. Wisdom, Strength, Love, Abundance and Prosperity  ~ 
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