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1st September 2014

1:9:14     Hourtin Plage. *France*

New month, New season, New rhyme and New reason. Different times different places New people New faces.
Opportunities will arise out of golden sunshine and clear blue skies.'Tis time indeed for the New chapter to get started for the tales to unfold, to be written and retold, to stand up and be counted, to be read and recounted,
'tis time indeed to be Lion Hearted ~

Write and read, eat and sleep and feed upon all that is good in the world and all that is great and free,
all that is naturally as it is meant to be. Enjoy your time with dear family and friends laughing and loving,
sharing and caring for one another enhancing the high vibration with which you all ring. 

Feel the pounding of the waves upon the ancient shore, feel the vibration rumble through the land
and rise up in to you all. Be firmly rooted to the earth receive her beautiful positive energy right through
every grain of sand. See the spray peel off from the crashing waves and leap off into the air charging the oxygen you breath with extra wonderful unseen energy upon which you can all feed. 

Charge up your inner battery with all this positive energy and natural life force. Recharge your self
so that you have a mighty store to get you through the winter and to share with those in need who do not
have the chance to tap into source as easily as you can. Breath it all in in every way that you can.

Let you heart and soul drink in the clear blue skies and apricot hues of sunsets. Let your ears ring
to the roar of the breaking waves as they complete their long journey across the Atlantic to break upon your shore. May your skin be kissed with the golden sunshine and may its beautiful warmth wrap you in its tender embrace.
True respite for your Mind, Body and Soul. May your only goal be to restore Peace to the whole. 

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