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20th April 2015

Growth and Expansion in any direction are best achieved for lasting effect in measurements of incremental growth.
To solidly build from one growth ring unto the next allows the mighty Oak to become a powerful living monument, 
a natural testament to the full potential of the tiny acorn and its patient development. It's unwavering belief in its own ability to become a magnificent tree reaching high up in the sky.

It fully appreciates the natural order of organic growth. It does not leap up into the endless blue without first putting down some good strong roots! A lot of its visible growth is shadowed by the immense unseen structure of support and nourishment that is silently steadily put in place below the surface, way before the shoot itself is capable of pushing through the soil and out into the visible world.

Once it can be seen and its progress marked and measured by linear time and physical growth it becomes all about the Tree TOP. The height, width, girth of the trunk, the number and length, reach and strength of the branches, buds and leaves. All progress is assessed by the appearance in the visible plane and yet there is vast growth on an even larger scale in the underground unseen world of the roots and the support they continue to provide. The essential nourishment they provide so that the visible Tree Top can thus thrive.

To become a fully balanced healthy mighty Oak or tree of any kind, you must appreciate and understand that a clap can not be made with only one hand. The tree cannot be the tree without the roots that support and sustain its growth and healthy survival. As with the tiny unseen progress of each little shoot of root, you must be patient and appreciate the need for gentle incremental growth if you are to one day be, a MIGHTY TREE ~
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