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20th February 2016

Believe me when I say there is a complexity around today in an energetic way, that is proving quite hard for you all to cope with day-to-day. It is a complicated path to travel, to navigate safely through one must learn to journey inwards and find stability in your core. These are difficult times with many many changes that you are having to adapt to on a daily basis. Make the centre of you, the most peaceful, beautiful, calm OASIS bathed in golden AGAPE LOVE. Where you can re-source, connect deeply to source, and regain your own balance, harmony and equilibrium. 

From this Divine place of gentle strength you can release all sense of the victim role. You can see more clearly the higher purpose of your own soul, and disconnect from the abject chaos and confusion of the outer world. When you are in this happy place grounded in love and positive re-connection, you will see your own direction as clear as clear can be. TRUST you will be guided and protected at all times so remember to return to your core when you feel fear or doubt or are just unsure. 

Develop and inner column of incandescent light that is SO BRIGHT and SO RADIANT that lights the way not only clearly for yourself but illuminates the path for as many people as possible, who are perhaps struggling along the way or in direct need of your extra love and light to help them find their way. BEAM as BRIGHTLY as you can, BEAM as BRIGHTLY as the sun, and bring more LOVE and LIGHT to the world. Turn up your own flame, again and again and again until it can be seen from afar. Then you will see what a great benefit it will be for the world to see the beautiful STAR you ARE. 

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