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20th July 2017

Tune in and out and UP if you wish your loving cup to be overflowing and your Health, Wealth and Prosperity to be growing and growing, better and better, day by day then PRAY. For a prayer is a fervent request, a reverent petition made to God and the Universe. It is a plea for what you are hoping will BE, it is an indication of what you wish to see manifest in your world when your prayers have been heard. 

Tis A mighty powerful tool to be used by one and all. Constant repetition of desires, and hopes and dreams, aims and ambitions, IS what will bring them into fruition. For what you think about you do indeed bring about, so focus creates reality and the notion of devotion is that it maintains belief and TRUST in the higher powers that be. BE the driving force that actualises the life you wish to BE yours, and become your new reality.

Give thanks above for ALL the blessings you already have in your world, and for ALL the goodness already present in your life, the tiny miracles of love and life that are all around on a daily basis. Make GRATITUDE your constant state of being that dictates your attitude and approach to ALL you encounter and wish to attract. More of what you are grateful for will be drawn unto you, so see the blessings in the mundane and profane and be prepared for your prayers to be answered and your wildest dreams to come true ~

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