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20th June 2016

When the sun is at its highest point in the sky and the solstice is upon you 'tis time to take stock and to see what you have and have not achieved thus far. To decide what you wish to aim for and whom you would like to BE from this point forth. Which gifts you have brought to the world and are now ready to share, and the whole magnificent, incredible, uniqueness and greatness you can choose to embrace and become if you dare. Your potential and power are all now fully available and present at this hour. 

'Tis called a high point for a reason for 'tis the time at which all senses and sensibilities are heightened and brightened by the extra golden light of the sun. Tis the time to step up and to do and BE ALL that your soul has come to BE. Do Less ~ BE MORE. Do MORE ~ BE BETTER. BE BRIGHTER ~ BE GOLDEN.
BEAM Like the SUN and BE in your ZENITH and SHINE ~
Embrace your extra sensitivities and embrace and create all possibilities as the LIMITLESS BEing and MASTER MAGICIAN you are. You ARE a true star, now allow your LOVE and LIGHT to reach further than ever before and bring your aims and ambitions into fruition for MAGIC Rules the Day ~  

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