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20th May 2014

There is always a multitude of things happening in your world at any one time.
Thoughts and feelings as well as other peoples considerations and needing. Juggling your time and attention is a full on procedure and requires a lot of attention and energy. Focus onwards ever onwards on the positive aspects of this multidimensional operation that is your interaction with the world and all other people, pets and plans. 

Variety is the spice of life and so to keep mixing it up is a good thing! New combinations and recipes can then be born and discovered that may bring added joy and pleasure to living. Expansion of attention can be a good thing. Reach out with your minds eye to new people and places for new experiences and potential places to visit and explore. Do not keep your routine too strict and predictable.

Vary your daily lives if you can, change the tune of your expectations and allow them the possibility of celebration and jubilation instead of frustration. Work rest and play blessed. Everything is unfolding exactly as it should! It will be good, very good indeed if you TRUST that it will be so and allow yourself to grow naturally at an organic pace rather than putting unrealistic expectations upon your own progress and development. You will achieve all your hearts desires, fulfil your own dreams and live the life you can see bathed in rich golden light and luxury ~

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