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20th May 2016

The ripple effect of Love and Laughter keeps on going for ever after the point of its creation. So enjoy yourselves a lot more on a daily basis, make the centre of your world Happiness and Joy, be Kind and Giving and get the whole world ringing with GOOD vibrations. Be a veritable oasis, a source to resource others, to give vitality and joie de vie to your sisters and brothers, for everyone needs a hug, everyone needs UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Be generous with ALL that you give especially if it helps another live more fully, Love more freely, feel more deeply, connect more fully, and engage more completely. Too many people have become disconnected from the oneness of the world, from the oneness of the human race. They have got lost and become isolated behind their public face. Foods and films, drugs and pressures, jobs and duties have become all too consuming, difficult, dark, depressing and confusing. All eluding to the heavy negative struggle and strife of life.

There is seemingly a great deal of danger and darkness around as this has become the focus for so many people, but that does NOT truly make it so! Decide to make a difference, to BE the difference and to GLOW with Light and Love. BE the Inspiration that can indeed Raise the Vibrations Across the Nations. Do not let the powers that be spread SO much negativity that people live in abject FEAR, and do not let each other near to their hearts, near to their Love, near to their true greatness or believe in their own true greatness.

You are ALL masters of your own destiny NOT victims of your fate. Take back your power and make this your finest hour. Shine as brightly as you can. Inspire. Ignite. Excite. Lead by brilliant example, dance and sing and see what joy YOU can bring. By keeping your own vibrations HIGH you will remind all others that they too can fly, if only they believe they can and are willing to give it a try ~

Tis far easier than most people think, for they believe their own stories of hardship and despair. Change your mind and change your Life. Decide to focus on Happiness and Joy NOT struggle and strife. Flow with Ease and Grace through your OPEN HEART space. 
Allow the Beauty and Love, Lightness and Positivity of Life to be your NEW story. Write a BRIGHTER life for yourself, create more Prosperity and Wealth, Good Times and Good Health by elevating your own vibrations and filling your lives with JOYFUL celebrations ~

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