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20t September 2015

Expansion is the name of the game from here to eternity in the blink of an eye ~
Inter dimensional unfolding of the story of your soul as it continues to grow and evolve into all that you know it can be, all that you know it will be, ALL that you know it is already and tis yearning of becoming. Beyond the confines of your mind, beyond all limitations of reality and time. Let go and continue to grow and grow and grow ~

Like a mighty billowing cloud in the clear blue sky, keep on expanding and growing on high. Increase your volume and presence, increase your scale and reach. Be aware of the incredible wisdom and guidance you can share and teach. Become the bigger you. Become the brighter most confident and eloquent, passionate and inspirational you. Expansion is the Key to reaching your goal so open your hearts and minds to a greater capacity of growth.

Embrace the fullness of ABUNDANCE that is coming your way. Breath deeply into the vastness of eternity, into the blissfulness of becoming. Call upon all the powers that be to help with your personal growth so that you can release all your own false limitations and frustrations, and skip and dance and sing with sheer delight as the fortunes of your current reality literally change over night! From one day until the next a new reality can be born, a new outlook and perspective can come into play.

Your life can and will change completely by expanding NOT compromising. Believe in MAGIC and it will happen. Expect a miracle and one will come. Be ever hopeful as you gaze upon the golden sun for its radiance is far reaching. Expand your own capacity to start receiving for there is a vastness of abundance in store and so much more coming to you than you may well know what to do with. Live an expansive life. Think Big Big Bigger and let it be. Expansion IS key so expand your vision of HOPE and TRUST and fully embrace PROSPERITY ~
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