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21 March 2014


The new pattern of your future has been born. Now the newness of each day will become your norm. You are well on your way towards your brighter days so do not hesitate dilly dally or delay for there are many miles to go before your journeys end and by taking steps everyday you will be there before you know it my dear friend.

You are me and together we are WE for we have been many things to many people since the dawn of day. We have indeed been traveling through time journeying along singing our continuous life song gaining wisdom on our way and celebrating the gift of life each and every day. 

There is a lot to be retold to be recounted and divulged for in sharing our times and experiences people will come to appreciate and understand the importance of Love and Trust and Hope within their own hearts and minds and souls. Each mans life has its own value and course for its expected passage of learning individuation and realisation. The value of all lives are equal yet they come with different levels of growth and expectation mapped out for their particular duration.

You have always known right from the start deeply held within your beating heart that there was a special task being asked of you and that you were in fact here again on earth to complete this mission for the highest good of humanity and the evolution of the planet from one vibrational plane to the next.

You have always known yourself to be unlike those around you and yet failed to see that you are meant to shine BRIGHT like a diamond~ tis your Destiny !
Shine Shine Shine and in good time the whole world will be able to see all that you have brought to form from the realm of possibility. You have to write and paint and vision into the night to bring forth the light and to transcribe it into story forms to be told and shared loved and revered on the printed page and up on the silver screen.

Carry on as you mean to go bringing pure light with you and illuminating the path for others to follow and find their own direction in which to go. To peruse their own hearts desire to do what they have in fact been born to do. Not just to work and rest and work again but to follow the guidance within their own soul for only that will be able to reveal their true life's goal. Inspire others to follow their own path of light even in the darkest night.

Put your pen to the page and let your imagination and intuition guide your hand to create a magnificent tapestry of written words lovingly crafted into a thing of divine beauty purpose and worth. Keep on believing as you keep on receiving the wisdom and words to write do not self edit or interrupt just let your heart song sing and do not disturb the natural rhythm and rhyme of its song. Write down the lyrics for the rest of the world to be able to happily sing along ~  

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