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21st August 2016

The time of your germination has truly come to an end my friend and the time of your long awaited emergence is upon you ~ No more hiding away preparing for the day to bring your uniqueness to the world. Your exceptional pattern and colour radiance and valour will bring great HOPE and JOY to one and all, gracing the world with extra LOVE and LIGHT and BEAUTY. 'Tis your time and your duty to answer the call of your soul to take to the skies and FLY ~ To  fulfil your greatest goals ~ 

Your patience and tenacity have given you the capacity to be the greatest you can BE. When you all come to see that growth and expansion of the mental and spiritual aspects of your whole are important parts of your souls special goals you will endeavour to keep on learning and fulfil this yearning for transformation and enlightenment. What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the master calls the butterfly.
Fly ~ Fly ~ Fly ~   
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