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21s August 2014

Here we are once again at the close of one chapter and the coming to an end of one whole phase in your life.
This is a very good time to reflect upon all that has gone on and to see how wonderful your life has been.
Acknowledge and acclaim all that you have achieved and all that you have received. 

Be happy and content with all the time you have spent working to release all false limitations, negative restrictions and beliefs. For now you are free to turn the page into a whole new phase into the next exciting chapter of your life, be the writer
of your script, be the author of your own success. Be the mighty creator you know yourself to be.
Then turn the page to see the reality of the mighty success you are destined to be. 

You have indeed come a long long way my friend with many more miles to go before your journeys end. You are about to leap and fly, take to the sky and progress at a pace you will not believe. For all this time you have been plodding along having to try to keep in step and in sync with all those around you and to fit in to the modern world and way of life.

You have done a very good job of being a devoted loving daughter mother and wife, but now the time has come to be so much more than you have so far become. Your destiny has always been calling but you had a great fear of falling so you refused to even try, but now with all that negative self belief heartache and grief disposed of and left behind you can free up your mind take a deep breath and dare to be different. Open those mighty magnificent wings that have been hitherto tucked by your side,
spread them as wide as the sky and FLY~ 

Carry your loving heart full of healing and light to spread messages of HOPE and PEACE to places where its day and places where its night. Share your images and words of warmth to bring comfort and relief to those hearts and minds that are in great despair and need of tender healing. There is a lot of need in the world and a mighty hunger for soul food upon which to feed.
Be the source, be inspired and inspirational. Be instrumental in the healing of humanity
play your part in the soothing of the global HEART ~
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