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21st December 2016

The shortest day and the longest night have to be the darkest place to be held, and yet it is not a place to be dwelled in. Move on over to the land of milk and honey with fields of golden clover, by embracing the Light whole heartedly as it returns to your world from this point forth ~
The Solstice marks the turning of the cosmic cogs in the heavens above. The commencing and ceasing of the seasons, by which all of nature takes its cue to expand and grow or to release and let go ~

'Tis a time of distinct discombobulation for many of mankind. There are vast numbers of desperate souls in great need of some stability and guidance. Some vital inspiration to restore their faith in the process of life. To truly be a Creator in the image of THE CREATOR, first you have to be so for the sake of one and ALL, and not for the sake of yourself. 

The opening of the hearts of people everywhere will increase the love and light around. Focus on the Beauty and Love in others hearts and help shine the light of Unconditional Love brighter than bright, to illuminate the darkness of night. 'Tis indeed a time of great learning for you all. With the cosmos calling for change and conscious expansion, comes planetary shifts and the new beginnings of new dimensional living. 

The time of great giving and receiving, trusting and believing, when hope and joy will be re found by one and all. Journey inward and explore, for golden treasure lies awaiting in your core. 
Remember you are magical creatures and can create the world around you with conscious considered action, or subconscious hostile thoughts and negative feelings.

Lack v's plenty 'tis a state of mind for thoughts become things and create your own reality. Change your mind and change the world! Take command of your every thought and action ~  be proactive not reactive.TRUST is the must you should embrace fully for the present, and wish most for the future for all others. Grace and Harmony with Heavenly Love and Light will then lift your spirits and transform you all ~      
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