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21st July 2014

Out of sight but not out of reach! That is what sits beyond the horizon.
Your future that is bathed in golden light awaits you with gentle certainty.
'Tis coming as sure as a sure thing. Keep your heart strong and your minds eye clear 
and focused upon all that you wish to see manifest in your world. 

There are a great many souls who will benefit greatly from you achieving your goals.
The Universe will endeavour and conspire to support you in the creation of your dreams. 
You have no idea at this point in time how important and inspirational your achievements will become. 

They will be like the morning sun rising out of the sleepy mists of dawn.
Bringing much needed and appreciated warmth and light to the world. Ghostly tales and horror stories can entertain the masses in the twilight hours, but true progress growth and contentment can be achieved by one and all in the golden light filled hours true LOVE can provide ~
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