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21s July 2015

Transition is the name of the game so have patience as this process does occour. You are ALL experiencing a shift in your circumstances, energy and reality. Your orientation may well be affected and your connections be lost ~

It is a question of realignment and atunement to the next higher vibration and frequency that is required. Be patient with the process for you are all going through the same shift as individuals, and as living creatures and beings upon the Earth as a whole.

Mother Earth is raising her own vibrations for her personal evolution and survival, and as a result all sentient beings are being required to do the same. It is like retuning your radio station to get the clearest signal from the source. Sometimes you get crazy weird noises and discordant sounds as you shift from one frequency to the next until you find what you are looking for.

The times you are living in will be feeling much the same but fear not you will find the right new frequency in time, and all will be well again. Better and clearer than before, with sweeter sounds and melodies, harmonies and tunes than you have ever heard before. Do not get lost in the chaotic white noise, stay focussed on the positive and understand that the chaos will not be long lasting, that the fractious energy around will be passing as you move onto a smoother wavelength.

A happier higher vibration that you will be in harmony with, one that will help you all to heal and to thrive whereas the lower frequency only helped you to survive! Tis of vital importance that you stay focussed in a positive fashion, tune in to your Heart and TRUST that balance will be restored and your equilibrium be returned to its highest healthiest state of being. ALL will be well and right, ALL will be well and good, but adjustments might have to be made by many people so they can become the best they possibly could.

Refinement of personal energetic patterns and behaviours, thoughts and feelings, ravings and craving, might well have to be addressed and replaced with more healthy choices, with calmer more caring voices, greater capacities to forgive and consider other people's feelings and well fare. This raising of vibrations is going to be more difficult to achieve for some people than others so encourage patience and understanding for these sisters and brothers. 

Many people are SO disconnected they don't even realise that these shifts in energy are happening and that they should be making any effort or attempt to be changing their life styles in any way shape or form from what they know to be the norm. But TRUST me when I say that they will ALL have to change to evolve and survive at the end of the day so they should start raising their vibrations straight away ~
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