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21st June 2014

21:6:14.  Summer Solstice ~ Take time to realise the beauty of the world right before your eyes.

You do not have to travel to far away places or surf the internet for images that will inspire and ignite the fire of your imagination and appreciation of all that is good in the world. It is around you all everywhere.
The delicate soft pastels of a summers evening sky, the rich reds and blues and purples of flowers in full bloom. The long languid days filled with summers sun hour upon hour of beautiful light which in winter time would already be night. Long light evenings with extra golden light from the sun where in winter time darkness would prevail and the silvery moon would already have come.

This is the high point of the year for the golden sun is most plentiful and fills the world with glorious fruitfulness and Hope. Harvests can ripen and growth of all kinds can occur. Pollination and germination, celebration! When all people can be out doors walking and talking with each other communicating and exercising, being together as one. Eating and rejoicing sharing and caring about each other and life.The solstice is a wonderful time to stop and acknowledge how your world has changed how the landscape and the nature have evolved and grown into something different from what they were on the 21st of April and yeah 21st of December too.

The cycles and the seasons, the turning of time, and the ebb and flow of life. The coming In and the going Out. Life Death Rebirth tis all the circle of Life. If the four seasons are the four quarters of the journey of Life, from soul to birth on Earth, growth expansion fulfilment and full bloom. Then right now is the highest high point of the cycle and should be celebrated as such. For as the time goes by and the season and planets change 21st of September with be upon us with 21st of December on its tail,
and the cycle will have come to its end. Full circle as it were from seed to flower to fruit to rest.

The circle of life does indeed turn on and on and this Solstice is a point at which you should all celebrate how far you have come since the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox too. These are the sign posts the markers at which you can stop, take a deep breath, look around and celebrate for each one is a tick on the clock of Universal time ~
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