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21st June 2015

Summer ☀️ Solstice There truly is magic in the air and everywhere especially at this time. Get into the right frame of mind and welcome it with open arms. Abundance and Prosperity abound so open yourself up and pull it down to the ground. Let it pour and pour and pour into your core. Golden and warm and pure and solid, tangible and real. Feel it, embrace it, become one with it. Let it become you, become GOLDEN. Receive the golden light of the sun in its highest fullest measure. Become the greatest thing on Earth, become the greatest TREASURE ~ EVER!

Tis entirely up to you to do what you will with the magic that is around. Do something profound! Use it like a truly gifted magician can. Tap it, use it, do not abuse it! Use it for the mighty empowerment and betterment of the masses. Do not just look to better your own life, to improve or upgrade the material things that aid your existence. Think on a greater scale and act upon those thoughts and do what you have come to do which is far more than you have been taught is humanly possible. Break free from all the false restrictions you have been led to believe exist to satisfy other people's power and greed.

What you all need is a mighty shot of self belief. You can do it, YES you CAN! Use the magnificent extra Golden Magic of the sun in its highest of high, whilst it is positioned so highly in its zenith tis time to replenish yourself from source. To boost your own self worth to be abundant upon the Earth. To be richer than rich in all the ways possible. Rich in wisdom, Rich in Love, Rich in kindness, Rich in greatness. BE GREAT. Do great things. Believe in your golden ness and see what it brings. Celebrate this solstice for it is a very special day, then believe in magic and stay GOLDEN
in every way ~
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