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21st March 2015

The movements in the skies are reflected in your eyes and in the hearts and minds of all humanity.
And the repercussions of these mighty powerful cosmic alignments and the solar eclipse by the moon will have you all singing and dancing to the rhythm of a New Tune ~ Life will not be the same again for these great changes have rearranged the energetic influences upon you all.

Same days will come and go, so upon the surface of your life and the planet you may not feel it or believe it to be so, BUT tis the science of the skies, the cosmic laws of cause and effect and the mighty power of attraction, that have been shifted and reshuffled giving you all a far better more favourable hand to play, with plenty of really great cards and opportunities now in your hands!

Tis still up to you entirely how you play your game and how you live your life, but you have been dealt a winning hand by the powers that Be, filled with prosperity abundance Hope and Joi de vie ~
Celebrate from this day on for the unfavourable, unproductive, non progressive and disruptive days are gone. Choose to leap forward and seize the New opportunities and circumstances that are here.

Let your fear be a thing of the past. Be brave and courageous as you step out into the world knowing you have a winning hand. Don't just sit and stare at it in disbelief. Take giant steps to make great changes in the world and in your own life. This is the time for manifesting magnificent dreams and achieving truly great things.
Get up, get out, Be happy for the brighter future starts today!
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