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21st March 2018

The DIVINE point of perfect balance and harmony.
The 12~12 of Light and Dark, of Day and Night, of perfect integration of Divine Masculine and Feminine into One . An opportune moment for personal realignment, for inner reflection and outward projection of your heartfelt aims, ambitions and intentions ~

Tis the DIVINE astrological and physical, emotional and spiritual perfect point of balance. The turning from one thing to another, from one season to the next, from one point of closure to what has been and done, to opening up to ALL the rest, the very BEST of what is yet to come ~

Be as SPECIFIC as you can about the general outline of your plan but do not get too fixed about HOW it becomes manifest and materialises, if you can. For the Universe responds very well to Clear, Focused requests, but needs a FREE hand to be able to best deliver these in which ever way IT sees will be of the greatest benefit for one and all, which can undoubtedly be beyond your limited ideas of possibilities ~

MAGIC abounds in the ether, and results and opportunities can arise before your eyes out of seemingly nowhere, for you are all too consumed by facts and poof and rules and regulations. Free your minds, DECREE your HEARTS intentions out loud, out proud, and TRUST that this is the optimum moment for them the arrive and your wildest dreams to be realised. ✨✨✨✨
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