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21st November 2015

With the turning of the season comes the very reason to plant new seeds for the future.  If they are one day to bear fruit you must give them time to take root, become shoots and grow healthy and strong in the spring.  Winter time may appear to be barren and empty, devoid of new growth and life but nothing could be further from the truth. 

Deep inner growth is being achieved out of sight, out of sound but 'tis happening none the less.  Transition is KEY for your evolution TRUST that everything happens for a reason, keep your focus STRONG on what you wish to be your GOLDEN future and carry on day by day come what may ~ Keep in the vibration of creation and AGAPE love for 'tis sent from above for you all to access at your will.  

Choose to travel lightly by releasing all weightiness and heaviness in your heart and mind.  Fly towards your golden future on mighty wings of HOPE.  There are limitless wonders in store for you all. Tis your birthright as a human being to live an exceptional life.  May you choose your thoughts and feelings and focus wisely for you create your reality ~

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