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22 March 2014


Stay in tune with the moon and the comings and goings of the planets and you will better comprehend
the tooing and fro ing, ebbing and flowing of the emotions and energy in your lives.
You are all in for a time of even greater change than you have even thus far experienced.
Embrace these changes as the Universe rearranges the order and balance of all things.
When the tough get going Angels open their wings.

Prepare for great transformations and the exciting opportunities they bring.
You are all moving in the right direction but the speed and pace of your progress is about to quicken beyond belief.
Hold onto your hats for you are in for the ride of your life whizzing towards the future full throttle.
Ride the waves of adrenalin as excitement and see your lives as thrilling,
for what is in store for you all will be life enhancing and greatly fulfilling ~
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