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22nd August 2017

With a total eclipse of the Sun night and day become one. 'Tis a very powerful and significant moment in time when the Sun and the Moon do totally align. 'Tis Time to acknowledge and embrace they are the two sides of the same face. For light and dark are both constant parts of your lives as well as your Hearts. They are both powerful parts of the whole, the polarity and duality that give clarity to your soul. 

They are the opposite extremes of each other, opposite extremes of the same. When one can seemingly eclipse the other and turn the brightness of day into night, it happens for the briefest of time before the light does burst forth once more, and dispels the cover of darkness and balance is restored to the world once again. 

'Tis the same with the human Heart for Hurt and Pain can block out the sun in your life and you can fail to see the Light and Love in your world. Blame and Shame and FEAR can make it appear that the light has gone forever, 'tis however FORGIVENESS that can dispel your darkness and TRUST that will allow your Light to SHINE. 'Tis time to FORGIVE one and all and to choose TRUST over FEAR and to clear the way for a New day and a New dawn, and it is going to be GOOD ~ 
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