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22nd January 2015

22:1:15 ~.   

Linked in more ways than imaginable, that is how you are. Your individual relationship to the world is far more complex and intricate than you understand. Tis not only the obvious emotional connections you have with those you know and love and share friendships with. Tis a far wider, deeper, altogether more profound network of interconnections you have with everyone and everything.

Your relationships are not just those you are consciously aware of. Not just the ones you are actively engaging in or perusing. As human beings you are connected to everyone and everything by the electromagnetism within your Hearts. This plays its part as a tiny ingredient in the Universal soup of electromagnetic energy. 

You are all part of the mix. The mighty divine dining plan. You are all everything at the table. You are the table! You are ALL the food. The veritable banquette of delicious delectable delights. The wide variety of dishes that make the spread so exciting and enticing. You are also ALL the guests! 

The table may be the entire length and breadth of the Universe, and the chairs may be formed from you and me and thus be counted as time like millennia reaching ever onwards, forwards and backwards. Encompassing all whom have been before and all whom are yet to come. There will always be enough seats at the table, there will always be enough food to feed the universe for we are all parts of the same, made up out of the essential oneness of everything.

We are therefore all permanently in relationships with everyone and everything every second of the day and night. Even if you feel you have no connection with those around you, you are sadly much mistaken. Open up your Heart and start to feel your own connection to the world at large again. So many people have become too isolated by their own reluctance to connect from deep within. 

Hurt and pain and anger fuelled by FEAR result in so many individuals shutting down their heart centres. For the FEAR of being hurt, to shield themselves from pain, to harbour their own hatred or to brew their own bitterness. There are many reasons that people disconnect from source. Many people invest their time and thoughts in darkness and despair but this becomes their own reality. To think and dwell in such negativity creates a living Hell. 

Tis time indeed for ALL people to open up their hearts once more. To open the door to the rest of the world, to the rest of Life. To their reconnection with all things and all people. Tis time to take their place at the mighty magnificent banquette of Life. ALL beings are invited all matter is present. ALL are welcome and all have their place, you are the V.I.P guests as members of the human race. 

R.S.V.P and choose to join the party. Tis time to unite and celebrate the wonderful gift of Life! You all have invitations from the moment you were conceived. All of life is welcome and ever present so open your heart and start to see for yourself that everyone and everything is in a divine relationship with each other. Every person, thought or thing that has ever been and will ever be, will always be a part of the incredible ongoing cosmic party~

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