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22nd January 2016~

Draw unto your core all that you need and more by activating your own gravitation and pulling in all that your heart desires, resonates with and requires to achieve your fullest potential. The science is simple and elemental, but will be fundamental to building your team and realising your dream.
Be a veritable GOLDEN magnet now and forevermore.

By activating your own laws of attraction and resonating with the highest high on the vibrational scale, your whole world will be changed and rearranged to resonate at the same vibrational pitch.
Be prepared for great things to occur for now you understand how to command your power this can be your finest hour. Believe in yourself and your own ability to fly ~

Commanding and demanding are two very different things. To command requires an acceptance of having your power already in place, where as demanding stems from a sense of lack and fear.
Be BRAVE, be BOLD, be Fearless and harness the mighty power that resides in your core. Embrace this as a fundamental part of who you are t'would be foolish not to do so as it is the very thing you require.
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