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22nd May 2014

The time has come to open your wings and fly!
To spread your love and light as far and as fast as you can. Rise up to the highest vibration possible and launch yourself unto the world from this place of divine connection. May all situations, circumstances, opportunities and people align themselves to assist you in this pursuit and help achieve the greatest end result.

For what you have in hand far exceeds what others may have planned and so their expectations will have to be challenged and explored. Yours is a gift of great importance and can NOT be ignored. Your success and happiness will be assured as your messages of Hope and guidance literally need to be heard by one and all.

Whomsoever does indeed take on your publishing will have an almighty volume of wisdom become available for the world at large to embrace and read. The hearts and minds of millions of people are ready and waiting with excited anticipation for the divine guidance and comfort they need, the inspiration and Love upon which their souls can all happily feed. Feed the world ~

The time has come indeed to provide the people with what they need. They do not need things to fuel their greed and disharmony. What they need is good food for thought which can be taught and provided by those who are guided and inspired to improve the plight of man and humanity. To empower all individuals to look to themselves for true guidance and power beyond belief .

It will in fact be a great relief for one and all to find your words in print and bound as well as on the internet and in whatever form are possible, audio, visual, pictorial, editorial. All will be memorable and welcomed with open arms by those who need to know. Rest assured your words will be received exactly as they have been conceived with Love and Grace and Gratitude~