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22nd May 2015

The echoes of ancient times and ancient civilisations reverberate across time space and everything. The essence of all of the oneness of ALL Time, Space and Universe, Heaven and Earth, and all mankind since for ever and beyond, is the Source most commonly known as GOD of course. All is ONE reconnect to the oneness of everything and you will find your way without fail, for pure Love, Abundance, Health, Prosperity and Joy are part of who you are and vice versa ~

GOD The Master creator created you all in his image and in that there lies the secret within. Beauty and Love are far more than skin deep, they are who you are and so much more. You have been given the gift of free will so that you can decree from your Heart and truly start to be creators of Good. That can and will collectively raise vibrations across the nations and positively change the future of your beautiful home planet Earth. Love thy neighbour, expand the width of your own goals to include the collective heart and souls of all your fellow human beings ~

Call upon everything your heart needs to help you be the greatest you can be. To shine as brightly, to be Loved and Loving, to be generous with your time and your support. Be patient and non judgemental, be inclusive and respectful. The Universe and everything within it are there expressly at your beck and call to help create a harmonious high vibration state. Tis most definitely within the realm of possibilities that you can all live in Peace and Harmony and bring Heaven down to Earth.  Believe it can be done, decree it will be done, then 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and it will have come ~
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